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Who gives to all a helping hand,
But bows his head to no command—
And higher laws doth understand?
Inventor, genius, superman—Aquarius

Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on April 21)

Your mind’s in a fruitful place on Monday morning; you might have several great ideas before you even brush your teeth. Take some notes, because by the afternoon and over the next day or so, you’re occupied with keeping up with your busy life. Just wait until Thursday and Friday, though — you’re a force to be reckoned with if the stars have their say. Smart, sexy and (of course) putting your own spin on every situation — that’s you. When the weekend comes, don’t overlook a financial matter. It may be dull by comparison to what else is going on, but it’s necessary.

Career & Finance

Your solution needs refining of the kind that’s best done on the down-low and you can do exactly that as the week begins. Bold moves draw unwanted scrutiny now; take baby steps and a lot of them. Starting later on Tuesday, however, everyone wants in on your action, no matter how quiet you’re trying to keep it. It’s a stellar time to play let’s make a deal. But watch your personal finances on Friday and Saturday, when you may get carried away with spending. Sunday holds the potential for a mental breakthrough — give yourself time to think freely.

Love & Relationships

Monday and Tuesday aren’t particularly exciting days, lovewise. They’re not exciting in any respect, in fact, unless you happen to like nose-to-the-grindstone days. Then, Wednesday and Thursday open up a new window onto your romantic world. You are suddenly very attractive (and aware of your own attractiveness) and an unusually high percentage of other people strike you as attractive too. If you’re already coupled, expect to draw closer to one another. Friday and Saturday, a financial issue — maybe inspired by an ATM receipt — jolts you back into the ho-hum world. But Sunday’s fascinating.

(Source: Yahoo!)

042014 ♥ 30


Aquarius - extremely hard to pin down. Eccentricity. Presents tangible yet highly creative ideas. They have a somewhat cool, flowy buzzing vibration, but at a low frequency. Very beautiful and bright, sparkling eyes and clear skin. Known to talk with their hands, restless; broad in shoulders.

041914 ♥ 284
Similarities of the Signs: Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)


Positive Similarities 

  • Intelligent
  • Unique way of thinking
  • Analytical 
  • Kind-Hearted
  • Friendly
  • Flirtatious



Negative Similarities: 

  • Emotionally distant
  • Unfocused
  • Commitment issues
  • Self-Indulgent
  • Restless
  • Trouble making up their mind



041914 ♥ 336
The horoscope on Aquarian sexuality describes my sex life better than I could


Aquarius is not much for routine, nor for making things simple. It is hard to figure out who seduces whom, or whose is the initiative, and nobody can guess where it’s going or when it will be ended. Aquarius is sensitive to the partner’s needs and reactions, but not that easy for the partner to read in the same way. Aquarius seems to want much more out of it than personal satisfaction. 

To Aquarius, sex is research - into what makes both of them tick, and the mysterious relation between instinct and consciousness, colliding intensely at intercourse. Aquarius wants to get to know the partner through making love, sort of as if it were a medical examination - or more precisely, a psychological one.

Aquarius is intrigued by what two people reveal about one another at moments of intimacy - and applauds it. A relationship becomes increasingly meaningful the more the two get familiar at depth. Their souls should be exposed. Their deepest motivations should be bared.

But it should also be an interesting experience in itself, the rubbing of physical responses, the choreography of it, the process evolving like a drama from introduction to escalation, climax, and the strangely solemn aftermath.

Before sex, Aquarius is primarily curious. After it, Aquarius is pensive, sometimes outright somber. The classical post-coital tristesse. It’s not at all because of disappointment, but because the sexual experience makes Aquarius contemplate the illusive meaning of life, the incurable loneliness of the soul, and matters of similar gravity.

Despite this seriousness, sex with Aquarius can be fun and light-hearted, like a long joke in no need of a punchline - but there sort of is one. Even in the very middle of intercourse, Aquarius can see the funny side to it. Two bodies going at it, as if morning would come with Doomsday. There’s a lot of desperation to love, and in a way that’s kind of funny.

Aquarius is also interested in experimenting with new positions, settings, and rituals by which to enrich and explore sex further. Not many inhibitions stand in the way, if there is something new to experience, especially if it has a chance of revealing more about the enigma of emotions and their connection to the conscious as well as the unconscious mind. In research, nothing can be found if there is fear of experimenting.

Certainly, Aquarius can fall in love and commit to love, also for life. But in Aquarius’ mind, that has little to do with the sex act - more with what surrounds it, what comes before and after it. And what the two feel about repeating it. Sex is a measure of love, but not a trustworthy one. Aquarius prefers to see them as two separate entities - both of them grand and fascinating, no doubt. Both of them living their own lives, only sometimes meeting and getting intertwined.

Well, any Aquarius concludes: sex contains intriguing mysteries, but love is the real riddle.

041814 ♥ 200
Aquarians look for symbols or signs, and read between the lines in almost every situation. 041714 ♥ 195

Dont have to tell me twice.


Dont have to tell me twice.

041714 ♥ 83


Aquarians are more comfortable communicating online, and their intelligence may create barriers relating with others. They tend to be extroverted but private people because they feel few people understand them.

041614 ♥ 333

Songs to describe an Aquarius: "I Drive Myself Crazy" by *NSYNC

You confessed your love
Undying devotion
I confessed my need to be free
And now I’m left
With all this pain
I’ve only got myself to blame
041614 ♥ 40

Too much aquarius for one pic to handle ♒️


Too much aquarius for one pic to handle ♒️

041514 ♥ 34


You’re always second guessing an Aquarius and that’s because you never know how close you really are to them.

Actually, the world may never know.

041514 ♥ 97

I really love these daily horoscopes.


I really love these daily horoscopes.

041414 ♥ 133
Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on April 14)

The sidewalk may be smooth and clean — smooth enough to roller skate on, clean enough to eat off — but what’s going on below ground? Is this path you’re on as stable as you think? Skepticism is useful at the beginning of the week. But don’t be so skeptical that others (wrongly) sense you judging them (this may happen on Wednesday). Thursday and Friday make for a slow end to the workweek. You feel funny about something, but it’s hard to put your finger on what. It will become clearer to you Saturday: It’s related to the tension between privacy and exposure. Don’t socialize until Sunday.

Career & Finance

Sure, you’re busy at the beginning of the week, but your preoccupation may strike others as a bit chilly. Take time to socialize and reinforce workplace connections — it’s important. Starting sometime Wednesday, you may be looking at the big picture, either on a project, your current position or even your career as a whole. A mentor comes in handy now, so if you don’t have one, seek one out. You’re uber-organized this weekend, and you’re particularly good at wrangling groups of people. You can whip them into shape so gently, they’ll never know what hit ‘em.

Love & Relationships

Linking up with someone unique is a distinct possibility on Monday and Tuesday, whether this person is a romantic possibility or perhaps just someone who sparks your mind. Either way, be open to new things in odd circumstances. Beware of some stress on Wednesday or Thursday, whether it’s work-related or otherwise. Whatever the cause, make time for some self-nurturing to keep your sanity. By Friday and through the weekend, you may be feeling nutty — but it’s the fun kind, where the possibilities are endless and you’re ready to try them out gleefully. Yay!

(Source: Yahoo!, via thezodiaczone)

041314 ♥ 49
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