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Who gives to all a helping hand,
But bows his head to no command—
And higher laws doth understand?
Inventor, genius, superman—Aquarius

Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on August 25)

The people you interact with on Monday and Tuesday each have their own individual goals, and short of sitting someone down and asking them straight out what their goals are, it can be hard to figure them out. Arguably, that makes asking all the more worth it. Doing so would certainly open up new levels of understanding. Wednesday through Friday, personal issues are front and center. Work on connecting with others as opposed to being single-minded in your projects. This weekend, the weather makes you want to hole up in the house and connect with a mug of hot chocolate.

Career & Finance

Success really isn’t about the final product, especially on Monday and Tuesday: It’s about how you conduct yourself to get the end result. You’re lucky that both your moral code and your work are stellar. Could it be that the former begets the latter? Responsibility and kindness: Those are two principles that you try to live by at work and at home. Your principles will stand you in good stead from Wednesday onward, especially when you figure out how to perfect the balance of between your job and your personal life.

Love & Relationships

You know what they say about assumptions, and it’s even more true than usual when it comes to matters of the heart as the week gets going. You’ll learn more and have more fun if you don’t take anything for granted now. The kind of bonds you’re building will flourish in unexpected ways around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; trust your instincts about how much attentive care they need, but don’t forget that everything needs space to grow. This weekend, you’ll enjoy following your mood — solo time, going exploring, a spur of the moment get together — more than pre-set plans.

(Source: Yahoo!, via thezodiaczone)

082514 ♥ 48
Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on August 18)

The week starts with a bang, as your mental and romantic energies are in near-perfect sync; you may find yourself drifting into a new love connection. If that’s what you’re looking for, go for it of course! It’s a good time to strike up new friendships, as well. On Wednesday and Thursday, your dealings with people you know well could become quite heated, so try to make sure you aren’t overreacting. It’s hard to get much work done on Friday, what with the constant interruptions — just about everyone has something to tell you, and that could last through the weekend.

Career & Finance

Get your point across in a fresh, innovative way on Monday, and you’ll get the response you’ve been looking for. If your focus is faltering around Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, consider whether health might be a factor. Exercise is key to staying at your most productive now, and even a walk around the block can refresh your brain. Watch for a contradiction — in the numbers, in the directions you’re receiving or in your goals — on Friday and Saturday. You’ll soon find an opportunity to revamp and streamline. Sunday doesn’t look terribly productive. How about a day off?

Love & Relationships

Get it across with your unique flair as the week gets under way! Whether you’re emailing an online cutie (or, better yet, cuties) or planning a hot date with someone who’s already yours, they’ll love the extra attention you’re giving to matters of the heart now. Wednesday and Thursday bring some rocky energy your way. Take time out for you — and for goodness sake, be good to yourself. Starting Friday, all kinds of sparks will start flying, and your independence and the kind of relationship you truly want are in no way mutually exclusive now!

(Source: Yahoo!, via thezodiaczone)

081714 ♥ 54

"Aquarius problems"


"Aquarius problems"

080714 ♥ 1106
Anonymous Do Aquarius have fear of real intimacy and love? I think they do but why is that?



Aquas have a part of themselves that they will always keep hidden from the world. They refuse to be owned. It scares them that someone might take away their freedom. They don’t want to be with someone if it means losing themselves; they want love to be freeing, not something that puts them in a box. They want someone to respect their minds and hearts and be a person in their life that understands how they express affection. I think that Aquas see romance movies and see other people’s relationships and are terrified— But when they meet the right person that won’t try to trap them, they’re fully capable of love and intimacy. :)

Reblogging this from myself because one of my Aquarius friends(aspiringsorcerer) saw this post and told me “I know in my case at any rate, its not a fear of intimacy or love, but a fear of vulnerability that comes attached to those things. To give into love is to reveal some of our deepest emotions, which we can’t even understand properly. To let another know just how sensitive and fragile we can be. and if there is any doubt about that vulnerability being used against us or not properly understood, then its a no go. at least, that’s my take on it.”
It’s always wonderful to talk to Aquarians and gain new insight!

080614 ♥ 200
Shout-out to our Biggest Fans of the Month for July!


  1. bringitimsupersonic
  2. cleverrobocop
  3. shipper-in-the-tardis
  4. goodvibesirwin

Thank you all for your loyalty and support. Sending everyone lots of love and light! :)

080614 ♥ 5
Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on August 4)

Your social group could use a few new members, so be open to unfamiliar faces on Monday and Tuesday. The start of the week is a time of expansiveness. Wednesday and Thursday, however, restriction is the order of the day, and discipline is important. That’s a better tactic than flailing all around. Friday has you exhausted — it’s been a long, busy week — but Saturday is a bend in the river: Suddenly you’re among a singing, dancing crowd. You’re not always in the mood for musical numbers, but you’ll be charmed. Sunday is an energetic day as well.

Career & Finance

Carve out time when you can turn off your instant messaging and phone at the beginning of the week. Working offsite part of the day on Monday or Tuesday is even more optimal — less distractions, more accomplishment. From Wednesday through Friday, on the other hand, you’re an inspired part of team efforts, able to contribute the best of your skill set and motivate those around you, too. Work like this is practically play. Plan for time off if possible this weekend — your energy is likely to be low and recharging of both mind and health is in order.

Love & Relationships

You’re particularly emotional as the week begins. Take time to logically assess where these feelings are coming from, and take into account that they’re likely to change. In fact, as soon as Thursday and Friday, your entire attitude can shift; it’s up to you to push it toward the positive. Get around those who inspire you, and feed your heart and mind. Know that some beautiful bonding is possible now! When the weekend comes, your motivation may be low. Take it as a sign to chill out. Relaxing with friends or a certain someone is perfect.

(Source: Yahoo!, via thezodiaczone)

080514 ♥ 48
Aquarius explaining themself… 080514 ♥ 460
August Forecast for Aquarius

Howdy, Partner

Although typically not your style, expect to wear your heart on your sleeve near August 10. With a Full Moon in your sign on this day, it’ll be hard not to reveal emotions on some level. It seems as if you’re wrestling with letting go of something or someone connected to your identity. If it’s a person, then you’ve realized he or she no longer fits into the world you want to live in. If it’s a goal or anything else that you’re ready to give up, the same is likely to be true. Either way, although you realize it’s time to shed what is outworn, that realization might not make it any less of a challenge.

The good news is that by August 12, and until September 5, love planet Venus will infuse your partnership sector with a greater sense of joy and harmony. Jupiter is already in this part of your chart, and Venus and Jupiter will embrace in an exact conjunction on August 18. This could lead to a most fortunate partnership for you, either in business or in your personal life. This alliance will likely be financially beneficial, but it will also fill your heart with a certain amount of joy — even if it’s business!

On August 25, a New Moon will open up an opportunity to invest your money in a new direction. You might also hire a new accountant or financial advisor to help guide you in long term retirement planning. You won’t regret the decisions you make.

Career: *Currently Unavailable*

Love: Upside Down You’re Turning Me

You might feel more emotional than usual near August 10, thanks to a potent Full Moon in your sign. As an Aquarius, you are typically more comfortable thinking before feeling. You try to maintain a detached perspective in life and love — not because you are cold-hearted, but because love is a much broader concept for you than mushy, gushy romantic love. These days, however, your typical mojo is being turned upside down. This isn’t such a bad thing.

The Full Moon will allow your heart to feel before thinking. If you are wondering whether or not to begin a new relationship with someone, it’s likely you’ll be ready to open up now.

Last month expansive Jupiter entered your relationship sector, promising to magnify relationships for you all the way through August 2015! On August 12, love planet Venus will join the party, and you’ll have both of these lucky planets supporting your efforts in achieving relationship bliss until September 5.

Look to an exciting development near August 18 that might be an engagement or other significant commitment if you’re not already married. If you are, you can expect to feel especially loved. Yes, there will be fanfare, drama, and a lot of applause surrounding your love life this month, but you’ll just have to deal with it. Every once in a while you have to give yourself permission to love out loud. It’s your time.

(Source:, via thezodiaczone)

080414 ♥ 136
Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on July 28)

You were hoping Monday would be smooth sailing, but no dice. Apparently, everyone else is feeling moody, and it’s going to take a little creativity on your part to get anyone to pitch in. Like any relationship, sometimes your work relationships require a bit of compromise. You’re fine with that. Midweek, what you aren’t fine with are folks who keep changing their mind for no reason. So, put your foot down. You are in control of the agenda. And worry not: It will all come together as you’ll see on Friday. This weekend, thankfully, you’ll get to spend some time with people who are on a more even keel.

Career & Finance

A new method could be just the ticket as the week begins, but show forethought by devising a test prior to full deployment. If the results are promising, you’ve got a good basis for rollout. Around Wednesday and Thursday, different parties may be at odds and basic assumptions warrant reconfirming. What are the goals, both collective and individual? Don’t hesitate to red flag something potentially problematic. Whatever challenges your brain the most is best from Friday through the weekend. Even in your leisure time, pick up a book or play a game of strategy.

Love & Relationships

A relationship is an endless process of discovery. And you’re not just discovering facts about this other person; you’re also making discoveries about yourself. Tuesday and Wednesday, your love life goes onto the back burner while you attend to work or financial matters, but a strong connection to someone else figures again Thursday. On Friday, personal issues are a snap — and if there’s a date on the docket, let the spirit of adventure guide the evening. Saturday and Sunday are far less adventurous, with little movement on the romance front.

(Source: Yahoo!, via thezodiaczone)

072714 ♥ 46


Bearing an urn full of water,
The maiden walks, as light as air.
Lost in her own thoughts,
Independent of the world around her.
Longing for flight and freedom,
She spreads her wings, wide and strong.
She feels the wind, cold in the winter
Yet inside she burns with secret dreams.
Her hands ache to create
The beauty of her fantasies.
To bring her visions and ideas
To the world that surrounds her.
A unique and distant entity,
A far away planet in a sparkling galaxy.
Thoughts and emotions flowing together
Like the stardust that flows within her veins.

072214 ♥ 304
"You take normal; I’ll take Aquarius."
- (via twentytwo022)
072114 ♥ 118
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