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Who gives to all a helping hand,
But bows his head to no command—
And higher laws doth understand?
Inventor, genius, superman—Aquarius

Aquarius & Gemini Child/Parent Compatibility

When an Aquarius child is born to a Gemini parent (or vice versa), this family is undoubtedly from the same flesh and blood, which would explain their intense mental connection. This spiritual bond and shared desire to accomplish something greater than the family is a common goal shared by both child and parent. This family loves one another’s company, but they both enjoy their independence. Both Gemini and Aquarius have a lot of energy, and working together they can come up with great ideas and common goals. Neither sign likes to waste time!

Aquarius likes the freedom to plunge into projects and plan the next steps. Gemini wants intellectual freedom and is able to look at all sides of an argument and see Aquarius’ reasoning. Aquarius has a visionary spirit that is very well-respected by Gemini who always appreciates a good concept or interesting idea.

Arguments may arise if Aquarius takes offense at Gemini’s tendency to dally, or if Gemini feels that their child is being too stubborn. (When Gemini vacillates, Aquarius can help their child to arrive at decisions, but they also need to be careful to allow Gemini space to think and not be too overwhelming.) As a family, they are well matched. Aquarius will take the necessary steps to turn the family’s dreams into reality, and Gemini will be completely in support of Aquarius’ actions. Once this duo learns to focus its energy, it can accomplish any goal, no matter how far-flung.

The best aspect of the Gemini-Aquarius family relationship is their ability to work together. Together they can provide a sounding board for each other’s inspirations and flights of fancy. Their successful verbal interaction makes theirs a healthy family relationship.

(Source: Yahoo!)

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